Fresh Baby products make it easy to routinely make baby food from scratch, and provide your baby healthy nutritious meals
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Fresh Baby products make it easy to routinely make baby food from scratch, and provide your baby healthy nutritious meals

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Fresh Baby Homemade Baby Food System, and related nursing products

Everyone understands that breast milk is the best nutrition for baby, but as real food is introduced better nutrition can be provided by preparing baby food fresh at home. This may seem like a chore, but Fresh Baby has developed a product line that allows you to do this quickly and efficiently. Not to forget the nurinsg mom, Fresh Baby has some innovative ideas on that front too, and all at reasonable prices.

TheSo Easy Kit by Freash Baby provides instructions on how to make baby food at home in just 30 minutes per week! The kit includes a the Fresh Start Cworkbook that gives information about introducing solid foods, aboout the Fresh Start food making system, and over 40 recipes. Also in the kit is a DVD that takes you step-by-step through the entire process and a quick reference card chocked full of relevant information about babies. In order to store your baby food the kit includes two baby food freezer trays with lids.
The Cworkbook and the freezer trays are available for purchase separate to the kit. An extra set of trays might well be helpful. Ensure your baby develops healthy eating habits with fresh homemade baby food.

Fresh Baby So Easy Kit $34.95

The Electric Baby Food Processor by Dex Products is the perfect accessory to maximze the ease and benefit od using the So Easy Kit. The Baby Food Processor makes preparing fresh and healthy baby food simple, quick, and easy. Baby can eat the same nutritious foods as the rest of the family by placing foods into the processor and in seconds you have fresh and healthy food so vital to your baby’s nutritional development. Make, store and serve in the same bowl. Convenient mixing/serving bowl makes clean up a snap. Washable parts are dishwasher safe. Manufacturer's warranty. Easy Cleanig. Includes 3 food storage containers.

Dex Electric Baby Food Processor $35.95

The Breast Milk/Baby Food Storage Trays by Fresh Baby allow you to freeze breast milk or baby food in conveneient one ounce (30ml) serving sizes. Each tray consists of 12 one ounce serving compartments, and the tray has a lid to prevent freezer burn and odors. Make baby food in quantity once or twice a week and use these trays to store it. Simply defrost one milk cube or food cube for each ounce of breast milk or baby food you need. Reduces the chance of wasting precious breastmilk.
The trays are made of FDA-approved food-safe plastic, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Each pack contains two trays with 12 compartments in each tray.

Fresh Baby Set of two Breast Milk/Baby Food Storage Trays $12.95

The All About Me Diary by Fresh Baby keeps you in tune with what is happening in your child's day. The easy to use format provides space for all the inforamtion you need in order to keep an accurate record of the health and wellnesss of your child. Suitable for 0-3 year old child.
The All about Me Diary has an easy page-a-day format that will remind you of daily activities, make it easier to pick up on changes in your child's development or schedule, identify new patterns and routines, and save time when picking up your child from a caregiver. This is an excellent tool for the Day Care, nanny, babysitter of grandparent to use for you. For ease of use, the All About Me Diary has a spiral bound design with softcover backing. Plus, there is a frame area on the front cover for your baby's picture! One diary used everyday will last for 4 months.

All About Me Diary $9.95

The Fresh Baby Cworkbook is a personalized guide to making baby food at home. Written by moms for moms, it shows how to prepare all-natural baby food using a variety of fruits and vegetables, from apples to zucchini. The Cworkbook is also a valuable resource for information about feeding, nutrition, and healthy eating habits for your baby.

Fresh Baby Cworkbook $17.95

Side 'Minders by Fresh Baby have been renamed. The new name is Mama Jewels. Mama Jewels can be worn on your bra strap or on the outside of your shirt. The breast the baby nurses from last, should be the first breast offered the next nursing. Wear Mama Jewels on the side of the breast offered last to remind you which side to start the next time. This pretty piece of jewellery is a stretchy wire circle that fits around the bra strap. It is made of Swarovski crystal with sterling silver and glass beads, Mama Jewels can be worn anywhere, anytime!
Mama Jewels come in four different colors - Blue, Pink, Clear, and the new Amethyst. The green Mama Jewel has been discontinued - However, we do still have one green left in stock. One Mama Jewels per pack.

Fresh Baby Mama Jewels$9.95


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