Medela Standard Breastshield Information

Image of Standard Medela breastshield Medela part 8107089 The standard Medela breastshield fits the Medela Pump In Style and Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps, Medela DoubleEase breast pump, Medela MiniElectric breast pump & Medela Single Deluxe breast pump. The standard Medela breastshield is a one piece breastshield and was included with new Medela breast pumps until 2003. The shield in the picture is the one piece -- it does NOT come apart into a shield and connector like the PersonalFits that are included in the newer pumps.

These breastshields are purchased individually. This breastshield can be sterilized by boiling in water, or by using Medela's Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags (available below).

For the new two-piece Medela PersonalFit breastshields, Medela SoftFit breastshields, and other Medela breastshield choices go to the Medela Breastshields Page. Medela is continuing to sell the standard breastshield but, in the event it is not available at some time in the future, the PersonalFit breastshield and PersonalFit connector together can be used to replace it without a problem.
Breastshield Sizing -- The base of the flange (the cone or horn shaped part of the breastshield) has a diameter of 24mm, which is the standard or medium size for a breastshield. If the shield feels uncomfortable, or is painful to use, a different size breastshield might be needed. This one piece breastshield is only available in the medium 24mm size, but the Medela PersonalFit breastshield is available in small (21mm), standard (24mm), large (27mm), extra large (30mm), and XX Large (36mm) sizes on the Medela Breastshields Page.

One standard Medela Breastshield

Medela Part #8107089

$6.99 each

Image of Medela standard breastshield with yellow valve and white membrane Medela part 67378
Best price -- buy one standard breastshield with one pale yellow valve and one white membrane with offset mount for $8.99

One standard Medela breastshield with pale yellow valve and white membrane with offset mount

Old Medela Part #67178
New Medela Part #67378

$8.99 each

Medela Yellow Valves and White Membranes --

All Medela breastshields require a yellow valve and white membrane in order to function properly. These can be purchased separately or together. Purchased together the price is a little better!

Image of Medela pale yellow valve and white membrane
One pale yellow valve & white membrane.

Medela part number 8000001
This is actually Medela part number 8100475 with Medela part number 8207013
$3.00 each
Image of Medela yellow valve
One yellow valve with offset mount

Medela part number 8100475
$2.40 each
Image of Medela white membrane One white membrane - offset mount. Volume discount on six membranes. This will appear as a volume discount of $1.21 in the shopping cart.

Medela Item #8207013
$1.20 each
Order six membranes for $5.99.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags--

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags are brand new for spring 2003. Using these microwave bags to clean your breastpump parts can eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria and germs, including Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, Pneumonia, and yeast. The microwave bags are easy to use -- put water and the items to be cleaned in the bag, heat in the microwave, and be finished in 3 to 5 minutes. Each bag can be reused up to 20 times, and there are 5 reuseable bags in each box, for a total of 100 cleaning cycles! This is faster than boiling, and more effective than the dishwasher. Medela's new micro-steam bags are perfect for use at home, in daycare, at the babysitter, or in the office. Give them a try.

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

Medela Item #87024
$4.99 per package of 5 bags

Medela Quick Clean Anti-Bacterial Wipes--

Medela Quick Clean Anti-Bacterial Wipes are designed primarily to disinfect breastshields, valves, and membranes, but can also be used on tables, high chairs, changing tables, and other hard non-porous surfaces. Medela Quick Clean Wipes do not require any soap or water. They contain a Quarternary Formulation, of the type recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, that will thoroughly disinfect your pump accessories. Great for use when traveling, these wipes are alcohol free, bleach free, and scent free.

Medela Quick Clean Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Medela Item #87025
$8.99 per package of 24 wipes

For other Medela replacement parts the most commom parts are shown on the Medela Replacement Parts Page

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